Combat/self-defense is chaotic at best. It is impossible to know in advance what tools will be needed - kicking (ti), punching (da), trapping (shuai) or grappling (na). This program is designed for anyone, ages 7 and up, who wants to learn what tools are useful when and how these tools work.

Centuries ago, the Shaolin monks distilled all possible positions and movements of the arms, body and legs into their most basic forms. You will learn the 3 body methods, 4 hand shapes and the 6 stances. The basic shapes and basic movements are then put together to create sets of tools. A partial list of the tools you will develop are long, medium and short range kicks, long, medium and short range punches, grabbing, anti-grabbing and counter-grabbing, how to take down, how to not be taken down, how to fall and how to get back up. These are studied, then built upon, to create an understanding of reality based on the principles of time, space and energy.

In the Orientation Program, not only will you will learn the technical aspects of kicks, strikes, traps, grabs, sweeps, take-downs and control on the ground, but also underlying concepts that allow for these techniques to work as they do. Learning Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu at Meng's Tiger Dragon provides not just skills to exist in all ranges of hand-to-hand combat but also the skills that bind them together - effortlessly flowing from one range to another, moment to moment. This makes you highly effective.

Once you become effective, Wing Chun then takes the skills you have learned and makes them efficient. This is achieved using a variety of concepts such as economy of motion, which is using the the least amount of energy in the smallest space in the shortest amount of time. Being efficient plays a significant role in decreasing the effect of a partner's, or opponent's, size, strength and speed as well as conserving your own energy.





The Orientation Program is designed for those who want to know what Shaolin Wing Chun is and how it works. It is the perfect program for those who are looking to be able to defend themselves during an attack and for those who want to burn some energy while at the same time picking up some great skills. For some, the what and the how are not enough, they want to know why Shaolin Wing Chun works the way it works. Enter the Blacksash Program. The Blacksash Program is designed for those who have demonstrated a strong desire to dig deep into Shaolin Wing Chun, to understand why everything works the way it does. Deeper concepts become the bread and butter for those in the Blacksash Program. To help learn these deeper concepts, students have extra time with the head instructor as well as being asked to lead parts or all of a class under the watchful eye of an instructor. All of this happens regardless of age. Even children and youth in the Blacksash Program will lead classes. Due to the depth of the information, the Blacksash Program is by invitation only.





The Lohan Program continues where the Blacksash Program leaves off. The Lohan Program is designed for those who want to become instructors, either in their current school or to one day start their own school. The Lohan Program focuses on the faat, the methods of teaching. As with the Blacksash Program, the Lohan Program is by invitation only.