The Shaolin approach to health promotion is based on "chi". Chi literally means air, water vapor or atmosphere. Chi represents "vital energy" around and within us. Tai Chi is based upon unifying chi or the energy of the body. Qi gung, which can be translated as “Life Energy Cultivation”, is a practice of aligning body, mind and will. Qi gung was specifically designed for health and healing. Research from such prestigious institutions as Research from such prestigious institutions as Johns Hopkins and Harvard has verified significant health benefits to routine practitioners. Increases in strength, balance and immune system response, decreases in stress, anxiety, blood pressure, depression and pain are just a few of the effects noted in their studies.

The qi gung belief is that the body is self-healing under normal circumstances. Illness is seen as the result of the body's natural healing process being hindered. Through observation and experimentation, Shaolin monks have developed practices which not only strengthen the body's own immune system but also return the body to a more natural state of functioning.

Through the Meng's Tiger Dragon qi gung program you will learn sitting, standing and moving meditation. You will tap into the 36 Shaolin breathing techniques and learn information taught in the monasteries over a thousand years ago and still taught today.

The level of physical ability is absolutely unconnected to the ability to do qi gung. There are no strength, stamina or flexibility requirements. All that is needed is a desire to learn. Contact us to start your free 2-week trial.